Refund Policy

Our Refund/Money-back Policy

Requests for refunds are quite rare, and refunds are only issued under certain circumstances. The reason for this is that customers have the right to request revisions to their products until they have achieved satisfaction with the final product.

Customers complete their own order forms on the company website. They must fill in all form fields with detailed information, because these details are used to assign writers to writing tasks.

Once the order is received and payment has been received, the company makes the order available to the writers. In this regard, if a customer realizes that there is an error in the order details, it is his responsibility to notify the company immediately so that those details may be changed before it is assigned to the appropriate writer.

If errors are not caught and the company moves forward with incorrect information in the completion of an order, that order may indeed be wrong. There will be no refund issued to a customer whose errors have resulted in an incorrect product. We are happy to correct the problems, but there will be additional fees assessed.

All customers have the right to review their final products and to request revisions within 7 days of receiving their final products. Revisions may be requested after the 7-day deadline, but fees will be attached.

Our mission is to achieve full customer satisfaction, and that is why we have a strong revision policy. However, there are some circumstances in which a refund is warranted, and this policy exists in order to describe those circumstances.

Customers are urged to review this policy so that they understand when and if they are able to request and receive a refund. Each request for a refund is handled individually based upon the specific circumstances of the order, the process, and the delivery.

Other Specifics of our Refund/money-back policy.

  • For a client to be legible for a refund one must lodge his/her complaint within seventy-two (72) hours after Order completion upon satisfying the quality department that the paper does not meet accepted academic standards. However, where the quality department deems that the client complaint holds no grounds for a refund, the refund request shall be null and void. If the seventy-two (72) hours after Order completion lapses, the client is deemed to have been satisfied by the product.
  • 100% refund is made will be made for paper that contains over 30% of plagiarism. Additionally, a client can order for a free plagiarism report.
  • is not privy to technical hitches and delays arising from client’s Internet Service provider or electronic mail server.
  • Once the product has been delivered in a timely manner, shall not be responsible for the client’s failure to download the Product.
  • shall not and will not be held for blame on any type of delivery issues arising from reasons linked to the client such as spam filters, providing the incorrect email, inability to access us due to lack of internet access or general neglect, among other reasons that are construed as going beyond control and/or without its fault.

If there is any part of this policy that you do not understand, please get in touch with us. We are happy to answer any of your questions.