Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

  • Clients’ privacy and confidentiality will be maintained at all times. Consequently, the data you give is NEVER shared to any person except authorized professional personnel(s) of the company for efficient communication. Hence, writers are only given specific requirements provided by the Client for successful completion of the assigned task.
  • When you place an order, you are asked for information about your academic level, subject matter, etc. This information is only used to ensure that we can provide the best service to you. This includes resources, notes, drafts, and other materials that you may provide to us. The only purpose for this information is to help us create documents that meet your needs. We do not retain any of this information after your writing assignment is complete.

  • As you know, we must collect financial data from you in order to process your requests for papers, or to issue credits. We may need credit card information, PayPal data, routing numbers, and a variety of other information to that end. We do not store this information. In fact, our employees never even lay eyes on it. Instead, it all goes to a certified 3rd party. They process your information using SSL technology and other means to guarantee the safety and integrity of your information. All reasonable precautions are taken to ensure that your sensitive financial information is safe.

  • The company, along with the merchant providers and banks partners is obliged by authorities at protecting the billing information from the Customers, so as to protect the client’s information from fraudsters when conducting business from its website. In respect to this, the Company reserves the right to request the Customer to provide a copy of the original document/s that necessary for verifying their identity. The requested copies are not to be used for any other purpose other than only to verify the Customer’s identity. For security reasons, such documents shall not be stored by the Company, and shall, therefore, be discarded upon completion of the verification process.

  • As part of responsibility in fighting cyber-crime, and fraudulent activities, any use of an unauthorized or a stolen credit card is prohibited by the company in accordance to the law. Such actions, upon detection shall be reported to the applicable law enforcement agencies for further investigation, and prosecution.
  • Essays delivered to clients are NEVER resold nor posted as a sample in the Internet. Essentially, to ensure clients receive authentic work “PLAGIARISM FREE” our company has a pool of professional editors and proofreaders to check for errors.

  • Our privacy policy and any obligations that we have do not apply to any other websites besides This is true, even if we link to those websites in our content, emails, social media posts, or in advertisements on our website.

  • Once you exit for any reason, we are not responsible for any information that you provide on those websites. This includes websites that you visit that were linked on our Proceed at your own risk.

  • In the event that anyone’s personal or financial information becomes compromised, we will inform that person(s) immediately. We will begin an investigation and contact the proper authorities. Likewise, if you have any reason to believe that your personal data is being misused, please contact us immediately as well as the authorities.